Tuesday, 22 September 2015

LTE TDD to GSM HO preparation failure

Problem Description Customer was  trying to get the TDD v5 eNodeB to redirect the UE to GSM.  They could see the GSM neighbors in SIB7,... Read More

LTE FDD Network Planning & Optimization System-LTE Found overshooting problem By TA counter

Incident Description (Incident Phenomena)   The RRC drop times of... Read More

LTE FDD Network Planning & Optimization System-RAB setup success ratio is 0%

1 Background B project customer feedback, under a certain eNodeB, UE can receive LTE signal, but UE is unable to access, RRC suc... Read More

FDD-FL-LTE FDD handover signaling process differences between with and without neighbor relation

Incident Description (Incident Phenomena)   Analyzing the DT data... Read More

Planning & Optimization Solution for TDD-LTE-Solving LTE Network Congestion

Incident Description (Incident Phenomena) During the football mat... Read More

Monday, 21 September 2015