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4G coverage signal is worst than 3g on the same phone and same location

Incident Description (Incident Phenomena)
The issue I had raised was if I am on a particular location and getting full 3G coverage signal on my phone, then how come I am only receiving half the coverage signal on LTE from the same location. This is not only one particular location but most of the locations and this is noticeable more on indoor coverage. Theoretically, LTE signal should be equal or better than 3G signal since 3G is on 2100 Mhz and LTE is on 1800 Mhz. This is nothing new, for example 2G coverage is always better than 3G because 2G is on 900 Mhz and 3G is on 2100 Mhz. Therefore our main concern is we want the coverage on LTE to be the same or even better than 3G. Please check how other countries operators have achieved the same signal level on LTE when compared to 3G and what settings/optimisation technique they have used in their network.

Problem Cause Analysis
It is related with caculation of RSCP and RSRP;
RSCP power value of UMTS is obtaned from 3.84M;
RSRP power value of LTE is obtaned from 15K(see the picture below);
R&D Guys analyzed the difference between G&U&L,RSCP Power of UMTS network is 24db higher than LTE when UMTS is 2100MHZ and LTE is 1800MHZ
3.84M/15KHz=256,   Log256=24dB。
So it is normal;
FDD LTE RS signaling power setting&caculation2FDD LTE RS signaling power setting&caculation
 Summary and Notes
It si normal that 4G coverage signal is worst than 3g signaling strength on the same phone and same location.

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