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Bi-weekly Report for LTE network performance analysis in XXX area

 Incident Description (Incident Phenomena)


MME node state.

Counter of [FDD]RRC Establishment Success Rate(percent):

RRC Establishment Success Rate =0%, because those cell ‘s sampling point is so poor.

The below three sites, my recommendation is need service observation from OMC, and trace IMSI of sb make those failure, we can make a return a visit by IMSI and make test at sb’s housing in advance.
Ain Tineh_3(13), Ras_El_Nabaa2_3(23), Hazmieh-2_ID17_3(13)
 Networking Environment


MME node state.

Counter of [FDD]E-RAB Drop Rate(percent)

E-RAB Drop Rate(percent) =100%, because those cell ‘s sampling point is so poor.

This is new installing site when we get KPI result. So the result is abnormal we need to observer next time.


The A site tower altitude is high so its coverage is far, because eNB forward is bigger than backward, so sb want to connect this site ,but UE power is not enough for arrival to site. Basta_1 towards XX area we need check UE in XX area whether get Basta signal.
Usually, the Reestablish Fail from radio environment problem .eg. Poor coverage problem or interference problem.
So, my recommendation is:
Step 1: service observation on those sectors, find out sb location and then base on the user location we should adjust antenna downtilt and bearing or more Rx-power.
Step 2: optimize parameter of minimum access power from OMC for avoid failure.
Step 3: I suspect that area have interference so my recommendation is scanning interference in those area, find out interference.


Step 4: we cannot ignore A site alarm problem.

 Problem Cause Analysis


MME node state.

Counter of Execution Success Rate of Intra-eNB Intra-freq EUtranRelation Outgoing Handover(percent)
some sites are high percentage, I think those sampling point is so poor. We should continue observer until next week.



MME node state:


B site alarm:

 Summary and Notes



The below table show us Maximum Bitrate of PDCP SDU in The DL in Traffic Plane(Kbps) bigger than 100,000

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