Sunday, 25 October 2015

GU Network Planning & Optimization System-DL TBF Retainability improvement

Incident Description (Incident Phenomena)
In YC project, after swap sites from E ,some KPI value was not good ,especially for DL TBF RETAINABILITY, need check and optimized.
 Networking Environment
 Problem Cause Analysis

As shown in upper chart, the average value of DL TBF Retainability is less than 98%.
Because it related to RF quality ,we checked the RX Quality , in most case the value is OK .Espesually compared with Pre-swap, Then ,we checked some related timer ,N3101 and N3105, found the value is :N3101=50,N3105=15.
Based on expert's suggestion ,we modified it to :N3101=80,N3105=30.
After 2 days monitor ,the result shows that the modification works and DL TBF Retainability improved obviously.

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