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How to make statistic about MIMO A/B and no-MIMO user?

 Incident Description (Incident Phenomena)
     How to make statistic about MIMO A/B and no-MIMO user?

 The detailed answer: Summary
This feature makes periodic statistics of DL/UL MIMO and BF users in a sector for observing the MIMO A/B and BF user distribution.
This feature obtains the user amount in different status (UL MIMO, DL MIMO and BF) within the statistics period for analyzing related problems, such as system throughout and frequency spectrum utilization.
Detailed Description
OMC initializes the CCS to collect samples periodically. CCS reports the real-time sampled value to OMC for statistics. Normally the statistics period is half an hour, which can also be modified. The statistics contents contain the user amounts in status of DL MIMO A, DL MIMO B, UL MIMO A, UL MIMO B, UL CSM and BF. For each item, the function gives the maximum user amount, minimum user amount and average user amount for analyzing the multi-antenna technologies (MIMO and BF) usage.
Usage Description
The periodic statistics data can be checked from OMM Performance Management.

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