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Introduction for Improving the Evaluation of E1 Resource

Incident Description (Incident Phenomena)
Because the EVDO data service continuously develops, the original network transmission of many offices has already not satisfied with the service demand. It occurred that lack of the E1 resource result in worst network performance. Therefore how carry on the evaluation of E1 resource to conduct customer's E1 expansion becomes very important.
According to experience, this text introduces an after - treatment computing amid the data that can collect in existing network, in order to improve evaluate method of E1 resource.

Improving the evaluation by adding new KPIs

Because of shortage of E1 utilization evaluation, suggest adding 3 following KPIs to improve the evaluation of the whole BSs E1 resources, definition and formula are as follows:
Average E1 Utilization=Max(Forward Average Throughput,Backward Average Throughput)/ (Total E1 num*(2.048-0.064)*0.9)
Max E1 Utilization=MaxForward Max Throughput,Backward Max Throughput/ (Total E1 num*(2.048-0.064)*0.9)
Ratio of 70~100% Bandwith Occupied=Total Time of 70~100% Forward bandwith occupied/ Statistical period/ Total E1 num
The formula parameter explains:
Forward Average Throughpu/Backward Average ThroughputSum of E1 average throughput on BS forward/backward direction
Forward Max ThroughputBackward Max ThroughputSum of E1 max throughput on BS forward/backward direction
Total E1 numE1 number which were configured with the flux in BS (excluding the E1 with no flux which were configured in BS) and collect the E1 information while sites information
Total Time of70~100%Forward bandwidth occupiedSum of duration which each E1 occupied 70~100% forward/backward bandwidth
For example:

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