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Large venues LTE capacity planning and cell division

 Incident Description (Incident Phenomena)
1、  The exhibition center has high capacity requirements
2、  How to control the interference between different cells
 Networking Environment
 Problem Cause Analysis
  1、White horse lake convention and exhibition center will be held in hangzhou international animation festival. During the animation the max audience will reach 15000.There will be a large requirement for LTE date.
2Due to data traffic demand is big, more number of cells are needed, the floor is empty and the handover area cannot be limited, the same frequency interference is serious.
1、  Defined the main service type used by the audience
2、  Calculate the average rate meet user's requirements, according to user’s different service date rate.  
3、  Calculate the total date rate and numbers of cells according to the market shares and percentage of LTE users of  Operator X
4、  Use the cell merge function of the Qcell, set the Qcells in empty area to one cell.  Using the physics partition such as ceiling and wall as the boundary of the cell.
 Summary and Notes
Making a capacity plan for Large venues.First of all, you should know the audience’s service type, Second calculate the capacity based on user average date rate.
    Using the physics partition such as ceiling and wall as the boundary of the cell . In the empty room, merge some Qcells as one cell to avoid interference between different cells.

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