Friday, 16 October 2015

System-Interference from Other Operator Analysis Report

Incident Description (Incident Phenomena)
During the drive test, find some sites have bad SINR even close to the site.  
 Networking Environment
 Problem Cause Analysis
  Normally the SINR should be better than 10dB when close to the site, during the drive test, find some sites have bad SINR even closed to the site. When checking the RSRP, it is normal; the bad SINR may caused by Interference. Here are some bad SINR sites.
The SINR around site Morrison and Summitville are lower than 10 dB, however comparing to the site Midway Community, most SINR around site Midway Community are over 10 dB.
The RSRP is normal.
  Check the coverage, we can find the UE can catch a strong signal from other operator (MNC=410) whose downlink frequency is 737 Mhz and bandwidth is 5 Mhz.

Because our customer's LTE network downlink frequency is 740 Mhz and bandwidth is 5 Mhz, so the operator X have interference to our customer's LTE network due to the overlap bandwidth.
  Interference would affect the network performance, please push customer to clear this interference.

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