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TD-LTE-eNodeB-Radio Parameter Configuration at the VoLTE Side

 Incident Description (Incident Phenomena)
VoLTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution), which is defined by the 3GPP, is the ultimate voice solution based on the IMS network. That is, it can provide high-definition voice service based on IP in the LTE network covered area. With the development of VoLTE, it will eventually replace CSFB and SRVCC. As the key technologies of ROHC, RLC Type, SPS, and TTIB are available for the RAN side, this case describes how to configure the parameters regarding the previously mentioned key technologies.
1. ROHC Configuration:
(1) [E-UTRAN Service Configuration - > Global switch], open the “ROHC Depth Compression Switch”.

(2) [E-UTRAN Service Configuration - > PDCP parameters], for QCI = 1 and QCI = 2, open the “Profile0x0001”and “Profile0x0002”format ROHC Compression.

2. SPS Configuration:
(1) [E-UTRAN TDD Cell - >PUCH and PDCH], set the value of “Number of PUCCH Channel for ACK/NACK of Downlink SPS Scheduling”, 18.

(2) [E-UTRAN TDD Cell - > EMLP], for “QCI = 1 Bearer”, set the “Scheduling Way” to “SPS scheduling”.

Currently, only the SPS Scheduling of “QCI=1” is supported.
3. TTIB Configuration:[E-UTRAN TDD Cell - >PUCH and PDCH], open the “TTIB Switch”.

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