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Describe techniques to support prioritization of access to radio or network resources for specific services or specific users

Describe techniquesto support prioritization of access to radio or network resources for specific services or 
specific users (e.g., to allow access by emergency services). 

Priority strategy mainly based on E-RAB QOS parameters and user’s registration info in UE’s RAB Assignment message and reference mapping priority, like BLP, PBR, Access priority, User selection priority, Congestion line-up priority, etc.  for special services as EMC have the highest priority. 
Priority profiles input parameters includes:
2        QCI
2        UE’s default E-RAB
2        ARP
2        UE-AMBR
eNB divides its mapping priority in logical channel Priority, Basic Priority, Access Priority, Line-up Priority, User selection Priority and Release Priority.  Overall scheme is shown as below:
Priorities applied in RRM as:
2        Basic priority:  for mapping access priority, Line-up priority, User-selection priority and Release priority
2        Access priority:  for Access Control algorithm.
2        Line-up priority: for Congestion control and line-up sequence management.
2        User-selection priority: for Load balance handover user selection algorithm.
2        Release priority: for LDC to release traffics.

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