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How to calculate the Data capacity of 4G site

This paper descript the method of calculating data capacity of 4G site, including total site number per capacity, S1 interface and X2 interface capacity.

  By experiences from simulation and actual tests, the throughput under various configurations and various path losses can be obtained. For actual capacity planning, check corresponding tables to determine the single eNodeB capacity according to actual situation of the planning area, and calculate the required sites to meet the required capacity. The capacity planning method flows as following figure:

Step1: Calculate average throughput per site depending on SE and bandwidth, the SE is from system level simulation;
Step2: Calculate total throughput requirement depending subscriber number and average throughput at busy hour per user;
Step3: Calculate total site number.
For example, for the 2600MHz (2*20MHz) FDD LTE sites, the Spectrum Efficiency is 2bps/Hz, so the average throughput per site is 2.00*20*3=120.0Mbps.
If the active user number is 100000, and average throughput at busy hour per user is 1Mbps, so the total throughput is 100000*1=100000Mbps.
The total sites number is 10000/120 = 84
For S1 interface and X2 interface capacity, X2=S1*3%, reference the simulation result of NGMN as following figure

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Sreenivas A
25 March 2017 at 10:11 delete

Hi Budi
Your articles are quite informative and engaging . Do you have any information on the SON specifications.

5 August 2017 at 00:49 delete

Why the total sites number is 10000/120 = 84, not 100000/120 = 834 ?