Monday, 9 November 2015

Network Planning & Optimization System-the missed neighbour check method based on R9 CSFB

CSFB based RIM success rate is low 
 Due to eNodeB version limitation , the maximum neighbour is not beyond 10. when the field opens the R9 CSFB, the accruate 3G neighbour is madatory.

1、obtain the DT singaling
2、read the signaling " Extended service request" and the server type is  
"mobile originating CS fall back or 1xCS fall back";
2、read the signaling "RRCConnectionRelease" and obtain the cellinfoList_r9

3、 in 1s ( it can be set, the accurate is ms )
if UE reeciver RRCConnectionSetup  and PSC of dl_InformationPerRL_List[0] is included in PSC group of RRCConnectionRelease, it means the RIM is successful

else RIM is not successful

By this method we can find the missed neighbour and improve the CSFB success rate. but it will take too much manpower. so we submit the requirement to tool:
(1) output CSFB RIM success rate = No. of success  / No . of release
(2)o utput the detailed unsuccessful list:

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